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TJHS Awards

  • 8th Grade Awards

    Students who have achieved a cumulative 3.0 - 4.0 grade point average in all classes based on grade level curriculum standards, including P.E. and electives, during the seventh (7th) and eighth (8th) grade years will be recognized by the awarding of the following:  
    Gold Medallion - 4.0 GPA
    Principal's Honor Roll - 3.5-4.0 GPA
    Honor Roll - 3.0-3.49 GPA

  • Certificates

    Students who do a specific task well or perform well in some way will receive a “Certificate” which can be redeemed for prizes. This card is good for one time only. Certificate days are held approximately twice a month when students may exchange their certificate for a healthy treat.

  • Student of the Month

    Each month four (4) students are recognized as “Students of the Month”. Their pictures may be seen in the Turlock Journal.

  • Top Tiger

    Each quarter, staff members nominate students who do a good job and are helpful in class and/or on campus. These students are eligible for a Top Tiger card that can be used all year on certificate days. Other rewards may include interdisciplinary team awards, assemblies and the yearbook party.