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Our Mission


Turlock Junior High School is about increasing student achievement and preparing students academically and socially in a safe environment through teacher collaboration and effectiveness.


We will . . .

1.  Develop a consistent system for analyzing assessment data, using it to ensure effective and differentiated instruction, in order to improve student achievement and  intervene when necessary.

2.  Teach, model, and reinforce the TUSD identified character traits, as well as, develop common discipline procedures which will be implemented effectively throughout the school.

3.  Implement a formalized process to help students set and achieve rigorous personal goals related to academics, character, and potential future careers.

4.  Forge educational partnerships with families and community in order to instill student enthusiasm for learning.


  • All students will demonstrate proficiency in Language Arts, Math (including Algebra), History and Science.
  • Each student will take responsibility for his or her education by setting and achieving personal goals relating to academics, character, and future potential careers.
  • All students will develop the understanding and discipline necessary to consistently demonstrate TUSD character traits while at school and in our community.