Turlock Jr. High School


Welcome to the Library!

Hello and welcome to the Turlock Junior High School Library. Our library has around 16,000 library books in five sections: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography, Everybody, and Reference.



Library Layout

 A Fiction book is a made up story, such as Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Books in the fiction section are organized alphabetically by the author’s last name. The call number on the spine of the book would look like this: FIC RAW.

A Non-Fiction book is a book that contains factual information, such as the book called About the Roman Empire, by Mark Castro. These are organized by the Dewey Decimal system, a system that organizes books numerically by subject. The call number would look like this: 940.1 CAS. Information on the Dewey Decimal System can be found here: http://www.tnrdlib.bc.ca/dewey.html
A Biography is a story about a person’s life as written by someone else, such as The Story of Michael Jordan. These are organized alphabetically by the subject's last name.  The call number would look like this: B JOR.
An Everybody book is a picture book, usually written for young children, such as The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg. They are organized in their own section by the author’s last name. This would look like E ALL.
A Reference book has information, but these books are not allowed to be checked out from the library. They are for all students to use while they are here. A reference book has a red barcode and has the letters REF on the spine.

Accelerated Reader

We also have the Accelerated Reader program in the library that some Language Arts teachers use. We do not have a separate section for our AR books. Most of our AR books are fiction books. Our AR books have a large orange dot sticker on the spine. You can check the level by opening up the book and looking on the inside cover. We hope to post a list of our AR titles soon.
Be sure to bring your student ID card when you visit. Happy Reading!